Invisible Dogs On Streets

27 Jan, 2010 | 498 views | 3 Comments

Over 2,000 people walked “invisible dogs” down the streets of Brooklyn. Participants of all ages spread out from Red Hook to Brooklyn Heights, very seriously walking their very silly dogs.

People’s Reactions

There were so many great reactions throughout the day. With 2,000 people spread out all over the neighborhood, it was impossible to document them all. Most people laughed or smiled. Some ignored. Others got irritated when no one would tell them what was going on.

Typical dialogue went about like this

Stranger: Where did you get that?
Agent:What? My dog? At a shelter.
Stranger:No, the leash.
Agent:At a pet store.
Stranger: Ahh! No one will tell me what is happening!

Other Dog’s Reactions

See Them In Action

Mission Accomplished

After a couple of hours, agents started slowly returning to the meeting point to turn in their leashes. Many were sad to tell their invisible dogs goodbye. [Source]

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  1. Naureen says:

    pretty interesting!

  2. Bruce says:

    This is hilarious! I have to admit, I would probably react pretty weird if I saw that walking down the street.

  3. kaleel says:

    lol !! this is too funny

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