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Amazing CR7

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The amazing CR7 can play with his assAmazing CR7

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Giving Birth

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Where do all these footballers come? This may be the answerGiving Birth

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Kicked Out

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The guy got kicked hard in the headKicked Out

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Practicing Football or Doggy Style

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Football practice got really interestingPracticing Football or Doggy Style

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Funny Defending

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You can take the ball but you are not gonna keep your pantsFunny Defending

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Nasty Guy

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The guy is trying to be the most nasty guy of the worldNasty Guy

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This man surely deserves a medalSuper-Man

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Shitty Driving

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The guy shits when he drivesShitty Driving

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Cat Getting a Massage

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That’s what marriage does to a manCat Getting a Massage

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Come on man! I am not your wifeFootsex

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