World’s Smallest Mom

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Cristianne Ray, 2 foot 9 inches (84cm) tall, 20 year-old girl suffers from a rare bone condition whereby her bones did not grow to full adult size. While she has normal size organs and muscles, they are compacted into a small space.

world's smallest mother

Cristianne’s pregnancy was unique; there were no other cases to compare to hers. If the baby had grown upwards in her womb then it could have crushed her heart and lungs. And she needed to keep the baby for at least 30 weeks to give her child a fighting chance of surviving outside the womb.

world's smallest mother

Cristianne lives with her parents and fiancé Jeremy in Seattle, Washington State.

world's smallest mother

Daily life is difficult – changing nappies, feeding, bathing and playing with her child – and when the family goes out they are regularly subjected to stares and comments by the public.

They must also take special care of baby Kyrsten, who was born premature and with a cleft palate. She has inherited her mother’s bone condition but no one is sure to what extent. The family visit doctors to get a better idea of what the future will hold. How much will this affect her health and what will her future be like?

world's smallest mom world's smallest mom

Cristianne wants to prove those people wrong, who feel that what they are doing is wrong, from driving a car, to going bowling to keep fit and even choosing a wedding dress – she’s desperate to lead an independent, normal life for her and her family. [source]

world's smallest mom

What do you think of Cristianne dedication to live like a normal woman?

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  1. Richie says:

    This is really inspiring. I admire her dedication and with the vibe she leads her life. I wish her a good future.

  2. Jahangir says:

    I saw her documentary film on Discovery channel, it was really nice to see her dedication and hard working to do all things just like other women.

    Hats off to her.

  3. waqas says:

    I have seen her in doc at discovery.. really inspiring story..and true love between them :P

  4. eguru says:

    Yes…Hats off to her.

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